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Turning water into whining

Posted in Ethnics on October 22, 2007 by Jesus von Dutch

My name is Jesus.  It is pronounced “Hey Zeus” if your Mexican or some other derivative of a Mexi.  For all others, it’s Jesus; pronounce…well…”Geez Us”.  I’m Jewish by birth but cheap by choice.  I spend most of my time getting paid to do nothing, so when I have to do something, I’m grossly underpaid.  People think I’m smart, but really they are just stupid.  I once won a game of boggle, acronyms were allowed.  People find it odd when I tell them I write a blog, so I don’t tell them.  The greatest invention in the world is me, I’m a pseudonym. 


LaMont be thy name.

Posted in Ethnics on October 20, 2007 by lamontchoadowski

My name is LaMont Choadowski.  I am a civil service worker in Washington DC.  I enjoy clipping coupons, masterbation, eating various BBQ’d meats, and reading the bible. 

 This page is going to change the world.