Happy Monday

This is what really bugs me, and it happened twice in one day.  The use of “Happy Monday” has to be stopped.  I was assaulted with this saying not once but twice today and in successive fashion.  The gate guard checked my ID and said “happy Monday”.  Fine, I’ll let that one slide. Then I get on to the the compound and the compound guard says “happy Monday”.  That’s it!  I’m willing to let one person say it, but two!? That means more people openly say this asinine statement and soon it could be a trend, and worse, become a convention.  Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, Easter, New Years, Joy Joy, All of these are perfectly acceptable to attach to “happy”.  They are fun and celebratory occasions. MONDAY?!  If any day deserves a “Happy” affixed to it, it’s Friday, for obvious reasons.  If people so rampantly use Happy with everything then Happy loses its capital.  “Hey, I know it’s Monday, I don’t need to be reminded of this. 24 hours ago I was engaged in some general tomfoolery, but now I’m stuck here to scratch a simple living in the hopes that when the sweet release of death comes I can look back and say ‘ehh, it was a decent run’. Now, I don’t need you to try to cheer up the start of this week by saying happy anything, because you can happy go fuck yourself. Don’t backhandedly try to screw with my mental well being. Happy? Happy finger in your eye!” That should have been my reply to both of them.  But I just said….”Ohh, you too.”


3 Responses to “Happy Monday”

  1. I’ve heard it before. Ironically you very rarely hear happy Friday cause everyone already knows it’s fuckin happy. How do you know Riordan?

    Cdub612gmr@yahoo.com OR TRENT STEEL on my space with the Southpark default.

  2. I totally agree. On our local CBC morning show, the host greets you with “Welcome to Monday”. Hey, you don’t own Monday, especially my Monday. Any one of my days has the potential to be a totally shitty day.

    A national afternoon CBC radio show host greets his audience each day with Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday, etc. Bite me, Jian. You probably are going to have an incredibly gay day in all ways, but my mother-in-law has dementia and my dog just got hit by a car. Get real!

  3. Jesus Von Dutch Says:

    CBC? Well, studies have shown 9 out of 10 Canadians are gay.

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